Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last Minute Blogger

It's almost midnight, and I just got home from a two-hour English course...I'm exhausted and need to eat dinner. Sorry for this last minute blog: I've been racking my brain all day for what to write about, and there just isn't much. I need to post my pictures from the weekend's trip the mountains, and I hope to do that tomorrow. The weather has been breathtaking this past week--it's amazing how warm and sunny it has been. Today I got a run in, and tomorrow I hope to do a longer run. We'll see. My legs are still in pain from walking on the snow in the mountains on Sunday!

One really good thing that has happened over this past week: I got my airplane tickets! I'm going back to Indy for Corrie's wedding in mid-March and staying until Easter. It's just going to be a short trip home, but I am really looking forward to seeing family and friends again. Just a few more weeks before I go!

Have a good rest of YOUR Tuesday, and I will do a better job blogging tomorrow!



At 9:48 AM, Blogger rowena said...

Despite your hectic schedule, you're doing a good job of at least posting like you said you would! And speaking of tickets...I better start moving my butt on mines.

Now where's Wednesday's post?


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