Friday, February 22, 2008


I have just gotten home from work, put something on for dinner, and I'm exhausted. Antonello's not even home yet--that is how busy he has been lately--working really late hours and getting little sleep. I've had things much easier. In fact, this is actually my down time, in between intensive English courses, when all I've got are private lessons and some work at one of the middle schools in town. But next week all of that changes--another intensive English course, another couple of super-busy weeks that I happen to be quite excited about, even if I didn't get much sleep last night thinking about how things would be organized.

This course is a little different--the teachers are changing around a bit, and my friend Claudia, who normally splits the 800 hours in half with me, has other work that she's committed to, so she can only do a few of the hours. Things seem to be working out fine though, but my lessons will be different since 1) I'll be teaching more grammar (I'm normally the "conversation teacher") and 2) this is an Intermediate course, with lots of return students from last February. I'm excited about the last part especially, since this past course was particularly good, and the students were a lot of fun.

I love doing this job--the idea behind it is really good. Students coming together for free lessons, but having to bring with them quite a bit of motivation, since these lessons are 8 full hours a day, ten weekdays in a row. But with my leaving for America in just a few weeks, it's going to be quite a lot of working. This, in part, explains my difficulty sleeping last night.

Anyway, Monday is the day it all begins. Wish me luck! And if you think I'm not going to be blogging, well--you're wrong! It's still Lent, isn't it? Hopefully the blog quality won't be too compromised, but I'll do my best. :)

Have a great weekend! More tomorrow...



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