Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Things Past

So I've noticed that it isn't easy to get back into blogging. Yesterday, I took time to peruse old posts that Corrie and I had written over the years, and I was sort of amazed by the things that we had written. It seemed like these little snapshots of our time in Italy, or Corrie's time in Indy and mine in Macerata (as the years went by), were the perfect collection of memories, and now, it's rather daunting thinking of writing like that again. I flipped through the pages of the blog as if leafing through years of my life, and little details were clear once again, thoughts I had forgotten, in time.

It is nice to have this diary of moments, shared so willingly, for all to see. I hope that new posts will emerge in the same light, with the same potential: to one day look back and see details, like Corrie's pictures of elephants marching through downtown Indy, and have those details build the forest through the trees.

For now, though, Christmas shopping is in full swing, and I am trying to enjoy the last few moments of December, see friends, meet up with colleagues, finish baking Christmas cookies, before time starts to really fly by. My family begins arriving on Saturday, and it will be a full, eventful week. It will be a Christmas all together, at last.

More posts to come :).

- Jackie


At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You put it so perfectly, Bella! It's a wonderful scrapbook of a blog--looking through old posts, laughing at our past (mis)adventures and so excited for future (mis)haps! :-)

Have fun with all the holiday hustle and bustle! It's wonderful that your family is all coming over for Natale insieme!

Your dawg (I'm saying it!),


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