Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day two

"If it were not for hopes, the heart would break."
- Thomas Fuller

Why are Tuesdays always bad days? It just seems to be working out like that for me lately, and today started out with me not wanting to even get up out of bed, and now is ending with me just wanting to get some solid sleep. Ugh. I'm tired after two long days of work (yesterday was especially tough), and I ended my lessons today at 10:30, my last lesson being rather difficult to get through, as it was two hours long, and the students seemed set on speaking only in Italian. Not fun.

So I'm just greeting you today with a little quote that I keep on my computer, and a nice goodnight. I hope to do a better job of writing tomorrow. I've been spending so much time preparing lessons and then teaching that I feel like I can't get much of anything done, and it's upsetting me a bit. Work is crazy, and as soon as it all ends, I'm off to the states--my ticket is for March 12th. I wish I had more time between hectic schedules and my flight to the states, but it has just worked out this way.

Only one run in so far this week, too--who knows if that will increase? I'm hoping to do a bit of jogging tomorrow morning--but sleeping in sounds so tempting!

Have a great evening. More tomorrow...



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