Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting Through Day 3

Today was Day 3 of "Jackie's Hectic Week." It was technically a day off--I only worked a half day today. What did I do?

1. Slept in. Just slightly.

2. Watched American television by way of Quarterlife, an internet series that will soon be on NBC, and got caught up (read: watched WAY too much TV) with the series. Soon after, I began to stress about the fact that, technically, I'm too old for the show--the 25 year old lifestyle is definitely not me anymore. Was I ever quite like that?

3. Read about these top 10 American restaurants.

4. Got sidetracked while on the New York Times travel page and dreamt about visiting Sydney's rock pools. Doing laps in the ocean? That sounds neat to me!

5. Did very little housework. Yay!

6. Got my students talking by creating a "conversation deck" with notecards where the students wrote the questions. Not quite 52 cards, but close enough. I gathered all of the cards together (anonymous), and we read aloud one student's question-- if you could be born again, would you prefer being a woman or a man? Deep stuff, huh? What's your answer?

7. Downloaded Portuguese podcasts from ITunes (free!) to work on learning the language. There are all sorts of different podcast possibilities for language learning, and, like I said: they are free. Give it a try!

8. Started making dinner--baked feta.

What didn't I do?


And so the big question is: will I run tomorrow? I hope so...but tune in tomorrow for "Jackie's hectic week" to find out. Sorry, no preview to offer except that it's gonna be another busy day.



At 10:05 PM, Blogger erin said...

YUM! need the recipe for the baked feta! (Although I have no oven right now)...maybe I can do that foil packet over a grill...hum :)

At 10:15 AM, Blogger rowena said... runnin' today? I'm debating on it. The weather is crummy, but I've always felt that how a Thursday is conducted determines the difference between a good weekend from a great weekend. ;-)


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