Wednesday, March 12, 2008

on a Jet Plane

These are the last minute moments before my flight, and I'm running around the house like mad, getting things together, cleaning things up, making phone calls, and certainly forgetting many things. I've been like this for two weeks now--this crazy fast pace that I really can't keep up with anymore. I have been trying to organize myself better, but the truth is, there has just been too much. It's all right in front of me, and it's impossible to organize--I would need too many folders, too many desk drawers. Normally I am nervous and jittery on my flights, but I actually am looking forward to the peacefulness of riding on a plane, not having to worry about work and other things, but just watching a movie on a tiny screen inside an airplane, and deciding if I want orange juice or water to drink.

I called the flight company to make sure my vegetarian meal was reserved for the oversees leg of the trip, and I also confirmed that the 30 minutes I have to change planes in Munich is not a fluke. I don't know HOW that will possible to do, but the gentleman I spoke to assured me that that's all the time I will need. We'll see. I'm not going to worry about it though, I will just go with the flow.

I hope to write more tomorrow when I arrive in the states! I'm excited about this trip home, but I'm also nervous about leaving here. Once my feet are on the ground in Chicago, I'm sure I'll feel even more at ease. It's nice to be going home.



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