Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hungry for Christmas

Talk of Christmas dinner is the center plate these days. Sasha, Mom, and I are hatching a plan for the family's holiday meal, but even working days are focused on the roast beast for the feast, feast, feast, feast!

Very fortunately (job security!), lots of whos down in IndiaWhopolis come to the market where I work to pick up whatever version of sugarplums has been dancing in their heads. It's fun to help the folks who know exactly what they want, but it's even more fun to help inspire the cooks who aren't quite sure yet.

One gent called with questions about our Cotechino, an Italian winter sausage seasoned with Parmigiano Reggiano and nutmeg. Just like that, I was back on the boot, stirring a big pot of lentils and nestling thick, steaming wedges of the sausage on top. He didn't know it, but this customer's questions were whisking me away from a fuzzy-headed drift among turkeys, hams, chestnuts and onto a crystal clear tour of Natale in Italia. 

Many holidays ago, while I was in grad school, Jackie and Antonello invited me to spend Christmas with them in Macerata. Not everything was exactly familiar -- gladiator lights, "carols," quality family time -- but it was so merry and festive and lovely. Even though we feasted on delicious holiday treats, I'm absolutely certain it was the company that made the moment (this coming from a gal who's hungry all the time). Such good memories, Bella Jack -- tante grazie!

So, I'm so happy for Jackie and her stateside family who'll get to experience Natale insieme a Macerata this year! There are sure to be some old traditions and new adventures meeting under the tree (er, arbole?) and it's bellissimo that they'll get to celebrate together. 

Buon Viaggio, Goyettes! Safe travels (and try the cotechino for me). :-)

- Corrie


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