Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy, Busier, Busiest

Sorry to everyone for being so bad about blogging lately...I am currently back in the beautiful country of Italy, after having a great little Christmas vacation back home in Indianapolis. There's so much to write about right there--ten days in Indy was great, and being with family and getting to spend quite a bit of time with my friends too just made everything worthwhile, even if Christmas day wasn't technically white! Antonello also spent the holiday with us--finally getting to be in the states over Christmas, seeing beautiful downtown Indianapolis with its self-proclaimed world's largest Christmas tree (I know, I know--it's not even a real tree!), and to spend one of my favourite holidays with me, with my traditions, with my family and friends. It was a great, great gift.

Upon returning home to Macerata, we were blessed with visitors: my Aunt Dolly and cousin Jason came over to Europe from New York City to visit family in Germany and then take a little trip over to Italy for New Year's and the days to follow. We had a great time, and there are plenty of stories there as well--many more reasons to blog (plus, I promised Jason I'd blog about their trip)! It was great to see both of you--thank you for coming and resisting my bad driving (and habit for getting us lost)! We loved seeing you, and I still take complete responsibility for the fact that your first gelato ever was enjoyed right here in little Macerata. yum!

And now, things have gone from busy to busier to busiest, as classes have officially begun, my schedule has officially filled up, and work has taken over. Don't fret though--I do have plans to blog in the near future, to talk about all of these wonderful visits and visitors--it's just going to take a week or so to get things settled. Thanks for your patience, and more blogging to come! In the meantime, just a couple of pictures from the holidays:



At 2:08 PM, Blogger Stelle In Italia said...

It was great to be with you and get to see Antonello, too, over Christmas! Though our search still continues for the scenic bluffs of Madison, it was fun making a little roadtrip with you and Cass!
love, Corrie

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Maryann said...

I love seeing photos of family and friends around the table. Looking forward to your future posts :)


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