Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

The weather during these last few days here in Indianapolis has been less than springlike--it has been cloudy and rainy and cold, more often than not. Today was no exception--we almost skipped the morning run due to what looked like an entire day of rain, but it turned out that the rain was mostly in the afternoon, and it was merely damp and dreary out all morning with no actual rainfall. However, sunshine came in the way of my favorite Mexican restaurant in Indianapolis's grand reopening: El Sol de Tala.

I've talked about El Sol's closing in the past--it closed about a year ago and left it uncertain as to whether or not it would reopen. In October of 2007, signs went up on the old building announcing a reopening soon, and we waited and waited. Finally it re-opened for dinner last night and for lunch today. It was perfect timing on my part to be home for its reopening (and it was completely accidental!), and I was happy to find a ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy day.

The food was good, although it was clear that El Sol was going for a fancier layout, with classier food preparation and some items missing from the menu. Overall, though, the food was like I had remembered, and we ate delicious chile con queso and enchiladas. It was neat to see the restaurant thriving on a rainy Tuesday, and to find the excitement and energy of a newly opened restaurant inside these very familiar El Sol walls. I'm thrilled that my favorite little restaurant in Indy has found its heart once again in the city.

Sooner or later we will be back again, whether its this trip or the next. I'm a regular again. Plus, I have to return--I didnt sample the guacamole at the newly established little corner of the restaurant titled "Guacamole Ville." (cheesy, huh?)



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