Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wild Goose Chase

Another rainy day--no signs of stopping--but also a day spent seeing friends, so things were relatively bright in that sense. At lunch, I met up with three friends--Cassie, Corrie, and Eric--to spend the rainy lunch hour at a window seat, chatting and eating and enjoying being inside and able to watch the weather from a distance. Some of the highlights of the rest of the day were:

- freshly made strawberry-raspberry-lemonade at the City Cafe, where we ate lunch.

- accompanying Corrie to her job at Goose: The Market, and tasting their popular ice cream flavors (good stuff!). I had Plum Ginger sorbet!

- Exploring Goose's extensive wine, cheese, and salami products, as well as trying a sliver of Capriole Farms goat cheese! It was tasty! (and would actually make a good cheese of the week!)

- Taking a sort of 'wild goose chase' around the market, looking for a hidden golden egg that would have meant 50 dollars in Goose gift certificates--we searched through various carts, coolers, and jars without any luck...who knows where the magic egg could be?

- Shopping at the outlet malls, running from store to store in the rain, and settling on a colorful skirt that offered cheerful contrast to the dreary weather.

- And finally, just spending time with friends, catching up on stories and laughter and everything else, and being there for each other. It's always nice to come home to find my friends ready to welcome me. I hope that they come to visit soon in Italy as well!

- Jackie


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