Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Macerata Monday: Windows Again

It's Tuesday, but it's pretty early...doesn't that count as being Monday?

I know I post way too many windows on this blog, but I love taking photos of windows. This window here happens to be one of my favourites in Macerata. I know the structure of the actual window is simple, but when it's decorated by all of those plants, it's a pleasant thing to pass by. The window is located in my old neighborhood in the city centre (I've lived in too many apartments in Macerata to count, but this one was a little cave of a place that you might remember reading about right underneath the Duomo), and I used to walk by it on my way to the piazza. Nearby it is another window chock full of plants, and looking at them together, it seems like they might be competing for the status of "how many plants can I hold?"

Things here are finally starting to settle down a bit--this week is like a gulp of fresh air after three weeks of intensive English, and I'm trying to get back on track with some things: while I've still managed to run during the past three weeks, I need to build up my miles still to prepare for the big race in Torino (I'm halfway there milewise, but the race just keeps getting closer and closer). Plus, blogging has taken a backseat (have you noticed?), and I need to get working on that. There are other things too--more mundane stuff (cleaning the house), plus larger goals that were written on my list of new year's resolutions back in January and then only glanced over since then. It's verging on June already--it's time to get started!

Have a wonderful week, and I'll try to be less of a stranger to my blog.



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