Thursday, March 15, 2007

Late in the Week: but still here in Macerata

This photo is too late, I know, and I've got to start getting back to the theme: Monday. This week has proved to busy again--lots of lessons and, on top of that, I've been working on translating a bunch of brochures. NOT fun. I find that my English is complete nonsense, and I begin to wonder what exactly IS my native language? Hoosier, I'm guessing.

details of a wooden door in the city center

So, we're going back to the door theme here...I love the doors of Macerata, and the ones in the historic center are probably the most interesting. I've been wondering how to go about photographing them, and I went on a little spree last Friday, taking detailed shots of doors on my walk home. Check out some of the others over at flickr.

I've gotta get back into blogging more regularly too, so as soon as I have some time (there's the rub) I'll be back to blogging more regularly. Next week the 8th grade class is going to Barcelona for their class field trip (you heard me right), and therefore I should hopefully have some mornings a bit freer. So hopefully more blogging next week!

Also, a couple of things--

First, welcome to Lori, who arrived in London on Tuesday! She's coming down to Macerata and the area to visit us and other friends here next week--hopefully it won't get cold and snow (despite the forecast). But, that would be typical, wouldn't it? Weather problems? For Americans? Why, of course not!! ;)

Second, check out the DePauw website about Delta Zeta, a sorority that was just kicked off campus this week. That's a big story (hey, I'm a DePauw grad...any time we make it into the Indianapolis Star, it's a big story, much less the New York Times). I'm probably the last DePauw alumn to have actually heard about this, but travels slow to Italy.

That's it for now. Back to translations (and maybe a bit of flickring)...Have a great Macerata--Thursday? Ciao ciao!

- Jackie


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous rowena said...

I heard about that freak snow/cold forecast too. I'm actually looking forward to that!


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