Thursday, September 02, 2004

Back in Session

Like Corrie mentioned in her post, the seasons of the school year have never quite left my blood, and even now, years after my graduation from college, my life seems to continue in semesters. And, as the internet is up again and Antonello reluctantly heads back to work after break, the end of summer is beginning. After all, it's September now. August ended two days ago.

With September comes the possibilities of work, which I am hoping will open up to me now that I am legal to work. But one thing is knowing that work is out there, and the other thing is finding it. So September will be filled with searching for work, Italian style. Again, I start back up again in autumn, like a good student.

There's so much to blog about, and now that the internet is open AND I will hopefully soon have phone, and internet, access a casa, blogs about a wonderful three days in busy, beautiful Genova, a night under the stars at a Paolo Conte concert, and finally (FINALLY!) a day at the beach will hopefully spell out what a wonderful month August has been. Also, vacation isn't over yet--it is grasping onto its final days as my friend Lori comes to visit (the first guest at our new house!) next week. See you soon, Lori!