Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Macerata Tuesday (again, sorry!): Top of the Hill

This is really just a quick post--these are my last couple of days here in Indy before I need to head back home to Macerata, but despite the busy last minute packing, I wanted to take a moment to share one more photo before my trip. I look forward to seeing this in just a few days at the top of the hill that I go up each day--it's what you'd probably refer to as a convenient store, selling magazines, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and apparently salt too (has anyone ever bought salt at one of these places?). Anyway, I love the look of this one in particular, and Antonello sometimes buys his Sunday paper here--it's very everyday Italian.

See you soon, Macerata. In the meantime, let me say goodbye a bit to my other home while I'm still in it: Indy.

more posts from me once I get back to Italy.


P.S. Last week for Macerata Monday I promised a color version of my theatre photo, and here it is over at Flickr. Check out some of the photos from a couple weekends ago's Florence Bottle Day here, too.