Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wedding Withdrawal

Jackie and Antonello's wedding was...in a word, bellissima. Lots of good friends, good food, and laughter made for an unforgettable event. And now, with the happy couple on their luna di miele and the Italians back on their side of the Atlantic, I'm surprised to feel like I'm the one who's just returned from a foreign country.

Getting back to my American schedule, it feels awkward not to translate meeting minutes into Italian. I feel a little urge to make toasts to collaborative projects at work and throw rice (or pasta) at my boss each time he walks out of this office. Fortunately (or sadly), I overcome these little urges and am becoming a native again.

For all the friends and family that traveled far or didn't, little souvenirs remind us of Jackie and Antonello's destination wedding. I'll be reminded of their friendship and their ceremony with a soundtrack, one of five matching stars, and the most jelly bellies I've ever seen in one place.

Tante auguri Jackie ed Antonello!