Monday, June 09, 2008

Tids and Bits

I've been here in Indy for 2 weeks now, and I'm leaving on Wednesday to go back to Italy. During everything, I HAVE had some time to catch up with friends, which has been a real blessing. Here are some photos of us together, and what we did. Thanks you guys!
Corrie and Cassie from a restaurant in Noblesville, Indiana, where we had dinner. More on that dinner later...

A black and white shot of a covered bridge near Noblesville, where a biker finishes the last leg of his ride

Noblesville, Indiana (the courthouse)

A little close up, but...Corrie and me on that covered bridge (before the cyclist almost hit us)

So that's a little bit of a long trip home. More later.


Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

Well, the Celtics have survived in Boston. After two home games (this last one, which ended only moments ago, coming down to the wire), the Boston Celtics are up 2-0, and the next game is in L.A. What an exciting series, and what a great team to be all for--I decided I was a Celtics girl since they traded for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen at the beginning of this year. When speculation about picking up the retired Pacer, Reggie Miller, began, I loved them even more (that didn't end up happening, though--which is just as well, Reggie will always be a Pacer to me).

Yes, we're talking basketball again (do I ever talk any other sport? Don't answer that), and here I am, creeping up on my last couple of days in the states, and of course I'm watching the Finals. All I can say is, Go Celtics! Beat LA! I'm Irish all the way!

Incidently, Boston's BiG ThREE (Garnett, Pierce, and Allen) all make it on to the Sports Illustrated Fortunate 50 List--a list that spotlights the top 50 American athlete earners (and also makes you drool over what they earn). Number one on the list of 50? You probably guessed it: Tiger Woods. The first Celtic on the list is Kevin Garnett, at number 8. He barely beat out another favorite athlete of mine -- Peyton Manning. Guess who doesn't make it on the list at all? A single female athlete.

Anyway, it's bedtime, and I'm still on my Celtics high. Next game, Tuesday in LA.