Saturday, March 24, 2007

Macerata...Saturday? Sorry for the delay!

To make up for my lack of blogging over the week, I'm posting THIS picture, and then I hope to post another one on Monday (really!), so it's almost like you've got a double dose of Macerata! I know, you must be very excited.
This is a street in Macerata's city centre where my friend Jane used to live. I recently noticed how wonderful of a street it is when I was trying to get from the top of the hill to the bottom, without taking the main drag. Macerata's city centre is quite steep, so typically you have to strain your legs down the main drag and be careful that you don't fall and roll your way down.

By some miracle, this street exists and takes you straight from Macerata's bottommost piazza up to the highest level without seeming to incline at all. Basically, the whole incline is gradual, and you are too busy snapping of the cute houses and quaint little alley to notice. Ah, medieval towns.

Have a nice weekend! I do plan to post more soon about Butler's loss in the sweet-sixteen, for those of you who actually care! :) All I know is that I'm cheering for Ohio State the rest of the way. Go Buckeyes? I guess so!