Saturday, November 26, 2005

Quando le americane sono fuore...

Some can predict the weather with joints and knuckles. Others can find underwater wells with funny-shaped sticks. Even the local weatherman announced his prediction for the number of snowfalls this season. So what's our charmed ability? Jackie (and the rain-coated dog) experienced it first hand. When the Americans are out, it rains...or snows.

Cassie and I were in bell'Italia for a week, though it felt like just a few minutes. From Venezia and Ferrara to Sarnano and Morrovalle, we felt everything from rain to sleet to snow. Coincidence? The odds aren't in our favor.

Despite the precipitation and cold, Italia was as amazing as ever. Truth be told, there were periods of sunshine - it was perfectly sunny on the ride to Jackie and Antonello's wedding celebration. Even inside the hall, the warmth of all the friends and family gathered to celebrate our friends' wedding could have melted even the strongest storm. To toast Jackie and Antonello, between plates and plates of delicious food and teasing pranks of the spelunking Italiani, was the highlight of the trip.

So the saving and planning for the next trip already began before my coat was dry. Better keep that raincoat handy, puppy.

Tante, tante grazie to Jackie and Antonello, Joy and Bob (Jackie's folks), and all the amici who made our trip propio bellissimo. Ci vedremo presto!