Wednesday, February 28, 2007

photo wednesday: so i'm a few days behind: The Piazza

Sorry I'm so late about Macerata Monday--I plan to get back on track soon, but as I just back to Italy on Friday, getting back into work and such has taken its toll on me! Anyway, here's today's photo...

This is our main piazza in Macerata, Piazza della Libertà, as seen from the English school where I work. There is a balcony that overlooks this, and much more of Macerata, that is perhaps enough reason in itself to work where I do. I noticed yesterday on this photo, details underneath the dome of the bell tower--there are little carved faces holding up the whole domed section. It was kind of neat discovery.

Things are good here, and getting back to normal a little too fast, what with work and all. I could use a little more time to adjust to jet lag, but that's okay. more soon.