Monday, April 16, 2007

Macerata Monday: Springtime

This is kind of a strange Macerata Monday post, as it is not in any way specific to our town, but rather it's a shot of a cactus plant that grows in the our friends Luciana and Giampaolo's garden. We were there a couple of weeks back when spring was just around the corner, and we admired the way their garden was growing again--of course their famous cactus plants are there year round, but it was beautiful to see trees budding and vases filled with primule and other flowers. Springtime in America was never my favorite season--colorful autumn took that prize. But here in Italy, where autumn is cloudy and foggy and that's about it, spring is the change one needs. Italy is best dressed in springtime, and I think especially in our region, she's rich with flowers and fields of solid color. What a beautiful season to see.

Much more to tell about these past couple of weeks, perhaps the best thing being that I've finally finished translating those university brochures (along with the gracious help of Corrie and Eric), so I actually have afternoons again. How wonderful! Despite the fact that I'm not fully aware of what to DO anymore in the afternoons (how about a whole afternoon of reality tv from the bravo channel? when I could be blogging to boot! I know--I'm a mess!).

Other great aspects of these past couple of weeks include the whirlwind trip up to Brescia and Verona and Parma that I still need to blog about (and so does Corrie!!!), Easter and ravioli-making by my lovely and wonderful husband Antonello (is there ANYTHING better than a husband who makes ravioli from scratch for Easter lunch? I don't think so...), hiking with our friends Karoline and Sergio on Pasquetta, and last but not least, this past Sunday's trip up to Fermignano to finally meet fellow expat and blogger Rowena and family and watch the frogs jump. Talk about a fun festival! Curious? I'll leave you with just one photo for now (don't worry! I won't keep you in suspense for too long!):

And finally, just two more things to add: a couple of welcomes! One goes out to the newest member of the blogging world: Amerimom! Yay, I'm excited to start following your blog! And another goes out to Bowden, who just arrived in Italy all the way from Indianapolis just a few days before Easter. Yay--just in time for spring! Hope you are enjoying yourself so far.

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy those afternoons--they can be great! Corrie--hope you are enjoying Crete (we're looking forward to you blogging about it and your other world-travels in the near future!)