Sunday, June 22, 2014

3/100 : Sundays in Macerata

Well, I typically don't like Sundays in Macerata very much (as in, I don't like the way that the city centre practically empties out and nobody is on the streets, due to the fact that all of the shops are closed) but it's summer now, which means that it stays light well into what we would normally consider night (well, I would. For me "night" starts at 7:30 pm), and so when we arrived in MC with our camera in tow, 30 minutes early for our dinner reservations, we decided to wander the streets and shoot pictures, all tourist-like. It was fun! We laughed like a couple of idiots as people walked by wondering what we were taking pictures of ("this is my favorite street! Or maybe it's that one?" I asked myself aloud, or, to Antonello, "I love this look-out, where you can see the stars at night!"), but we used up a good half an hour happily snapping photos and visiting our city. Tourists in our own town for a day. That's something to be happy about, isn't it? :)

- Jackie