Monday, March 26, 2007

Macerata MONDAY! Walking in the Rain

Wow, can you believe it's actually Monday and here before you is MACERATA Monday? I know, you've learned to lower your standards for me...thank you :). Here is Macerata Monday's pic of the week:

This is near our City Gardens: Giardini Diaz. Don't ask me where they got the name Diaz. The gardens are right outside of the city center, and I've spent plenty of time running on their track. This little boulevard-for-walkers was redone twice, as the first time the incline was too steep. Now, while it's still kind of slippery to walk on in the rain, it's a great place to see what, in my opinion, is the prettiest and most intact section of Macerata's fortress-like wall. Other photos from there some other time.

Have a great Monday! Ohio State made it to the final four, so there's a teensy bit of celebrating going on, but I'm still down about all of the Indiana losses. Ohio State plays Georgetown next Saturday!

It's a dreary day here (like the rainy pictures suggests), but Lori and I are trying to make the best of it (by sleeping in). Have a great day.