Monday, December 24, 2007

Cheese of the Holiday Week

We're lucky to celebrate Christmas this year with family (and snow!) in Penfield, NY. The trees are sparkling (white AND colored lights, no less), and we lit the last candle on the advent wreath last night before a pasta dinner complete with Sugo delle Zie. It was delicious, Aunt Betty and Aunt Gigi! Grazie!

While I've never actually tasted this holiday Cheese of the Week, it seems too festive not to mention. Juustoleipa is a Finnish and Swedish cheese made with reindeer's milk (no Rudolphs, just the ladies). It's toasted in front of an open fire before aging for a few days. The fire browns the golden rind so it resembles bread crust. That might be the reason Juustoleipa means "bread cheese." The taste is reportedly mild and some lucky Fins eat it for breakfast. If anybody knows where I can get some in Indiana, please do tell!

Last night, before pink peppermint ice cream, we tried to recite The Night Before Christmas from memory. Not all the words came in all the right order but we managed to get St. Nick up and down the chimney before reciting the stanza we all new by heart: Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.