Saturday, October 15, 2005

Thorough research needed

My dear Babbo sent this picture from my hometown of Lafayette. What's that on the left awning...oh, yes! Gelato! Some thorough research into this stateside gelateria is definitely needed. I know it's tough work, but I'll volunteer...

~ Corrie

'Glimo in Italia!

The tickets have our names on them...andiamo in Italia!

Cassie and I wrangled vacation schedules, a KLM website that kept shutting us out, and pirates (okay, not really) to get tickets to bell'Italia. We'll be there for gelato, vino, the view from medieval walls...but most exciting is to be there for Jackie and Antonello's Italian wedding reception and to meet Alessandro and Deborah's newest addition to the family, Bianca (who I think is schedule to arrive just before we do).

The time between now and then can't go quickly enough. Non vedo l'ora!
Ci vediamo presto, Bella - see you soon, Jack!


Allora, quello pirata camina dentro un bar...

For members of the molto populare Italian-American Pirate Club, a friend forwarded this joke...Rrrrrrrr! ~Corrie

A pirate walked into a bar, and the bartender said, "Hey, I haven't seenyou in a while. What happened? You look terrible ."
"What do you mean?" said the pirate, "I feel fine .."
"What about the wooden leg? You didn't have that before."
"Well, we were in a battle, and I got hit with a cannon ball, but I'm fine now ."
Well, OK, but what about that hook? What happened to your hand?"
"We were in another battle. I boarded a ship, got into a sword fight, and my hand was cut off. I got fitted with a hook. I'm fine, really..."
"What about that eye patch ?"
"Oh, one day when we were at sea a flock of birds flew over. I looked up, and one of them shit in my eye ."
"You're kidding," said the bartender, "you couldn't lose an eye just from bird shit ."
"It was my first day with the hook."