Friday, May 26, 2006

"you can see me flicker in the light of your eyes..."

I finally took my brother's advice (or shall we call it nagging? Just kidding, Paul!) and began using my flickr account to its full potential: I uploaded three photos this morning.

Since then, I added two more. There are a couple more pictures from Corrie and my short but great visit to L'Aquila back in April to accompany the blog entry below, and the other photos are of my next favorite subject: food!

Enjoy! Have a great Friday! Have a great weekend too, while you're at it!


Eagle Eye

A Street with a View: Corrie and Antonello

Corrie and I visited the lovely provincial capital of Abruzzo--L'Aquila--back in early April during her very short visit to Italy. We never got around to posting photos from the trip (and instead posted just a list recalling her six brief days in Italy) nor did we even write about the day and a half that we spent there. So, in case you were thinking that we had written L'Aquila off as a waste of time, I'm here, finally, with pictures.

Thank the Lord.

Seriously, though, Corrie and I had a great time visiting L'Aquila. While we had struggled over the decision of where to go (we had narrowed it down to two possibilities: L'Aquila and Montepulciano), we ran into my husband's cousin Daniele on the walk home from classes on a sunny Friday afternoon. As we got to talking, we mentioned our indecision--what was better, Tuscany? Abruzzo?--Daniele, as he often does, took it upon himself to suggest a plan.

"Tomorrow I only work half day. Francesco and I will drive you down to L'Aquila around 2 in the afternoon!" he said, grinning. Francesco, a friend of ours and a famed orange-pants-wearer, had yet to even hear the plan, but somehow, our weekend plans had just been decided. Corrie and I, not sure if anyone would really arrive at 2 pm or not (we were used to plans going out the window), were surprised to hear the doorbell ring. I said goodbye to Antonello (who had to work but would meet up with us the next day), we grabbed our bags, and we nervously accepted the adventure at hand.

The four of us
(incidentally, Francesco and Daniele refused to take any more pictures of all four of us together. Now why is that?)

Luckily, though, Daniele and Francesco made pleasant traveling companions (even if Daniele still can't fathom the difference between a prehistoric grounhog and a prehistoric mammoth...but who can, really?), and put up with our crazy antics and Corrie's very messy gelato-eating. Even better, underrated L'Aquila was a great choice for an overnight trip. This splendid city near the mountains brimmed with daylight and golden edges, off-white stone churches and pink fountains. Random streets led to the city's best views, and piazzas were gathering places in the full sense, not a tourist or tour group around--a city unaware of its own charm. We were lucky to choose L'Aquila--lucky to take a 2 hour drive down there, singing along to Ligabue in the car and laughing at Daniele and Francesco as they sang along as well (oops, did I say we laughed AT them? Um...).

Santa Maria di Collemaggio

Day two meant Antonello coming down to rescue us (as Daniele and Francesco had left early the evening before--are we THAT boring to hang out with? No answers needed, thanks.) and explore the city some more. We sampled generous amounts of L'Aquilan cuisine, got more gelato (Corrie had less trouble this time), and walked a round-about way to the car, taking in last minute views, quiet streets, and one or two more churches. As we got into the car to go home, Corrie and I were ready for a afternoon naps. But we tried to stay awake to catch those last glimpses--the city from above, the drive through the mountains. Despite any prior thoughts we had had to visit other parts of Italy, it was L'Aquila that had brought us here, almost fate-like, to visit her quiet corner of the country. We vowed to return--by way of Daniele and orange-pants Francesco, or by some other means.

L'Aquila had rightly taken our breaths away.


Windows in the City Center

P.S. Sorry Corrie about the funny link to the ice-cream eater! We know that's not you--maybe a cousin of yours :)? Just kidding!

Update: Somehow the above-mentioned gelato-eating photo was removed from the web (hmmm...mysterious), most likely by Corrie's relatives, so a new picture of Corrie as a gelato-eating child has been posted in its place! Enjoy!