Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be Mine

this morning in my neighborhood in Indy

Well, we're about snowed in here in Indy, but at least the internet works. With this impromptu take-off to the states, Antonello and I barely had time to think about the fact that we would be spending Valentine's Day apart. I did hide a few gifts in the guestroom for him which he opened this morning (and he sent me flowers, although in this snow storm, who knows WHEN they will arrive!), but it's still a difficult holiday to be apart for. So when Antonello told me he'd like me to throw him a snowball from this freshly fallen snow (Antonello LOVES snow and is really quite jealous that I'm locked up in a snow storm this winter, while in Macerata it's warm and sunny), I thought I'd make a little Valentine's Day wish for him:

Buon San Valentino, Antonello!
Ecco, la tua palla di neve da Indianapolis a Macerata!
Mi manchi tanto! Ci vediamo fra pochi giorni!

Sending out happy Valentine's Day wishes to everyone!


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Macerata...Tuesday? Catching a Show

Well, I guess I'm getting this up rather late, seeing that it's no longer Monday. But the show must go on, so I bring you (drum roll please) Macerata TUESDAY! Does the fact that I'm not actually IN Macerata help my case at all? Anyway, just this once please excuse my lateness, and sit back and, well, enjoy the show.

I love taking pictures of our local theatre, Teatro Lauro Rossi, and I find it is one of Macerata's most perfect treasures. Perhaps the best part about it isn't hidden away to collect dust, but it's open to the public and always used as a show venue--Antonello and I see great shows there all of the time, and the tickets are surprisingly inexpensive! This photo, which I converted to black and white (I'd like to get the original color version over at flickr sometime soon...I'll update you once that's done), is from a jazz concert we saw in mid-January: I think it was actually the first concert in the popular jazz series that lasts until around April. There are all sorts of shows though--operas, theatre, dance, classical, even Italian pop singers come sometimes. One of the wonders of this region of Italy is that, from the smallest towns to the largest ones, there are beautiful theatres everywhere. You just have to search a little bit, and know the opening hours, to find them. I'd love to explore these theatres a little more, but I'm in no hurry. Teatro Lauro Rossi still has loads of shine, and plenty of shows, left to uncover.

Greetings from Indy, where it is SNOWING. Maybe I can get some pictures of that snow online soon. Surely Macerata is much warmer than here!


Monday, February 12, 2007

Back in Indy

flying into Chicago on Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of blogging these days on my part, but I was sort of swept off to America at the last minute on Wednesday of last week. And unfortunately, the blogging trend (or lack thereof) is bound to continue while I'm home for the next week or so, but I do plan to get a couple things updated: I hope to blog soon about our wonderful bottle day celebration in bella Firenze over Superbowl weekend as well as get updated on Macerata Monday (yes, that would be today).
So Hello from the Hoosier state, and I'll get more on here soon.
Ciao for now...