Monday, December 02, 2013

December 2: Take a poll

This isn't the prompt I was hoping for. It's before 6am and the only poll I can take at this hour yielded completely biased results.

100% of cats surveyed believe twirling around pajamad legs will hasten morning feelings.

100% of husbands surveyed believe coffee should come before polls.

100% of sleepy gals surveyed believe the lights we put up yesterday look festive. 

This pollster is ready for a cup of tea.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

December 1: Your Year in Photos

A local Indy marketing firm has a free service which sends a daily blogging subject to my inbox each day in December. Thought I'd give it a try, but no promises... 😉
(This beautiful photo of Fourth Lake, Adirondack Mountains is by my beautiful cousin, Heidi!)

And these pics just scratch the surface... Funny how the day-to-day can get a little crumby sometimes, but stepping back, even the sour dots blend together with the sweet spots for a year that leaves a pretty sweet impression. Shucks. Feeling blessed!