Saturday, March 15, 2008

Corrie's Wedding

"Now join your hands, and with your hands, your hearts."
-William Shakespeare

Well, today is the day! I am up extremely early due to jet lag, but it is still technically Saturday, the day of Corrie's wedding. I don't know if I wrote about the actual reason I was coming home before, but the main reason is this one--to attend Corrie's wedding. So, despite the hassles with luggage and the delay with my flight, I got here just in time for the big day (and yesterday, my luggage got her just in time as well, thank goodness!).

Anyway, congratulations to Corrie on this day! I look forward to seeing you join hands with Bowden, to start your lives together.

- Jackie

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Here!

but my luggage isn't. Big surprise--this has actually happened every time I've come home over the last 9 months. I'm getting really tired of all of this lost luggage! Keep your fingers crossed that it arrives tomorrow!

Also, wondering why I am writing this on Thursday instead of on Wednesday? A delayed flight is to blame--I ended up not even leaving on Wednesday due to a delayed flight and very short connection time in Munich. The extra day in Macerata was good, but it seems like the airline keeps making one mistake after another.

Oh well. I need to try and enjoy my time here in the states with the hope that my luggage, and better spirits, will arrive soon.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One More Wish

I really am on my way out the door, but I wanted to add one more thing to this days wishes:

Happy Birthday Corrie! Bella, tanti tanti auguri a te oggi! I hope that your day is wonderful, and that you take some time out from the wedding planning and get yourself a gelato :). Mi manchi! Ci vediamo presto!


on a Jet Plane

These are the last minute moments before my flight, and I'm running around the house like mad, getting things together, cleaning things up, making phone calls, and certainly forgetting many things. I've been like this for two weeks now--this crazy fast pace that I really can't keep up with anymore. I have been trying to organize myself better, but the truth is, there has just been too much. It's all right in front of me, and it's impossible to organize--I would need too many folders, too many desk drawers. Normally I am nervous and jittery on my flights, but I actually am looking forward to the peacefulness of riding on a plane, not having to worry about work and other things, but just watching a movie on a tiny screen inside an airplane, and deciding if I want orange juice or water to drink.

I called the flight company to make sure my vegetarian meal was reserved for the oversees leg of the trip, and I also confirmed that the 30 minutes I have to change planes in Munich is not a fluke. I don't know HOW that will possible to do, but the gentleman I spoke to assured me that that's all the time I will need. We'll see. I'm not going to worry about it though, I will just go with the flow.

I hope to write more tomorrow when I arrive in the states! I'm excited about this trip home, but I'm also nervous about leaving here. Once my feet are on the ground in Chicago, I'm sure I'll feel even more at ease. It's nice to be going home.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All My Bags Are Packed?

As alyways, it's another busy day, but today meant not only working long hours, but also betting ready for the trip tomorrow. That's right, my flight leaves tomorrow! More packing to do, but I just wanted to check in to write a post. I know my blogging has been little more than just words jotted down lately, and now that work has finally ended and I'm on my way home tomorrow, I hope to do a better job of blogging. For now, I have more packing to do, and soon I hope to get some sleep. Tomorrow is the big day.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Very last minute

Yikes, it's late! Well, the weekend did indeed end, and it's been busy all day. I'm still working on writing a last minute test for my business English course which ends tomorrow--all just in time for me to get on a plane and leave for America the next day: Chicago here I come! I'm behind on pictures and cheeses, but I hope to make up for it tomorrow, if I have time! I'm going to haul my camera around with me to work etc., so that I can get some last minute (I said it again!) shots of Macerata before Easter.

So, more tomorrow! Sorry for all of my short short posts--does this really count as blogging everyday? :)


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Can the weekend never end?

It seems like the weekends pass so quickly. Today we had lunch with Antonello's family at a house in the countryside that is connected to the factory of Antonello's uncles (somehow there is always a house in the countryside available for outings and lunches, but never for actually LIVING in...don't ask me the details!), and it was sort of an early Easter get together, seeing that I'm leaving to go back to the states in just a few days, and therefore I will miss Easter. It was a lot of fun--it's not often that we get to see Antonello's extended family, even though they all live here in Macerata, so catching up with various aunts and uncles, cousins and nieces is nice.

Easter is another one of my favorite Italian holidays--it seems to mean so much more here, with huge meals with family, processions and events in town, days off from work, and time to gather with friends as well--and while I'm excited to go home, I'm going to miss my husband and all of the festivities during these days away. So it was good to have a chance to celebrate Easter with everyone, in this way not entirely missing out on the holiday.

In celebrating today, saying goodbye to people and taking in views of the countryside, I remembered how soon it is I will actually be leaving. I never am good at leaving, especially when it means being separated from Antonello, and these days I've had very little time to think about how imminent this trip is. All of those things that come with travel--nerves, excitement, a little bit of not wanting to go mixed with huge amounts of wanting to go--seemed to assault me all at once, instead of the normal creeping up that they do when I have more time on my hands to actually think about the departure. So today I am trying to make the most of these last few days here, start packing, and get excited about a little vacation to America. And while I do that, I'm trying to prepare for these last two days of serious work--more long hours--as well.

Yes, I procrastinate, as all of the sudden packing and preparing etc. is piled up before me--but it's been busy. I'll get it all done, and soon I'll be on my way back to the states.