Saturday, April 05, 2008

Looking Back

First signs of spring, in the Indy backyard

March was a busy and beautiful month. Spending time back at home in Indy with family and seeing friends was great, and since I have been back in Italy, I have been busy adjusting again.

As I put everything back in its place, gave gifts away, stacked up all of the girl scout cookies in the cabinet, I finally got around to going through the photos I took. I didn't flip through them on the first day--instead I waited until I was settled, and then I started looking back and remembering everything. From Corrie's wedding to taking walks with my parents to discovering the first signs of spring, the memories were captured right there, in these photos. Over the next couple of posts, I'd like to put some of those photos up. Then I'll get back to life in Italy, to adjusting, and even to blogging.

But for now, I'd like to remember a bit.

At the reception--Corrie's wedding cake and topper. Her dad actually made the lego cake topping (not edible, though)

Corrie and her mom, ready to pose for wedding photos.

Taking a walk through the Indy neighborhood on one of those first days of spring. See the couple up ahead on the sidewalk? Those are my parents.