Monday, December 23, 2013

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Bowden and I have been working our way through the holiday classic films over the December weekends nights. Most take more than a few evening to get through even though we could recite the endings by heart. ("How far did you see in Miracle on 34th St before falling asleep?" "Ahhhh, I think the scene where he speaks Dutch to that girl...")

Despite earlier snow falls in Indy, today is Christmas Eve Eve Eve, and Bing's not the only one dreaming of a white Christmas. Family from far and near are gathering, and, for the far southern ones especially, it'd be grand to have a good squall though we'd settle for flurries.

The forecast isn't bringing tidings of comfort and joy. We may have a gray (though not blue) Christmas in Indy this year.

UPDATE: Now it's Christmas Eve day and we're up with a dusting of snow! Ah, the benefits of being behind on blogging? Solo un scherzo! Merry Christmas Eve!

- Corrie

The Stars Are Brightly Shining

street lights in Macerata

The family has all arrived. It has been a good day that has lasted well until the evening, sitting around the table with my husband's family and my own, breaking the language barrier as my 4-year-old nephew performs little magic tricks with building blocks while making the whole family laugh aloud. At the rental house where my family is staying, the owners draped the indoor walls with Christmas lights, and just outside the front door, two olive trees are laced with the brightest white lights as well, and they have been twinkling all evening, into the foggiest Christmas night. Welcome to Christmas in Italy, they seem to say. Let us light the road for you.