Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Macerata Mercoledi

I've been behind again on photos, so I've decided to post a double-whammy: 2 photos in one week! I know how excited this must make you. :) These two photos are from different sides of the city: one is an outdoor shot of a house on the city walls whose bright flowers on the windowsill made up for the blast of rain the other day.

The other shot is of some people and their wine glasses at our weekly conversation night, Speakeasy. If you happen to be in the Macerata area on a Tuesday, Speakeasy is something you should participate in. It's an evening of English speaking complete with glasses of local wine. Even when the whole group is mostly Italian (like yesterday), we still speak only English. It's free, it's a good chance to speak some native language, and it's a lot of fun.

So there's my little shameless promotion. Now on to another similiar one: My brother Paul, who is the real photographer of the family, recently started up his own little professional photography business. He's available for photographing everything from weddings to portraits to other events. He's based in the Chicago area. I know this is coming from his sister, but he's seriously good! Check out his website here.

Things are settling down here work-wise, so Wednesday I had the chance to go to my Indian friend Sweety's house to make Samosas. If you've never had samosas, you're missing out, and if you've never had SWEETY'S samosas, you're really missing out. Anyway, I took notes and hope to try them out on my own soon. I feel like I've got a noteful of secrets written down in that recipe. Sweety even made us lunch, so the samosas were just a starter to another delicious meal. Yum! Thank you, Sweety!

More blogging soon: I STILL need to update you on the Caving Test two weekends ago--did Jackie pass? I know you're dying to find stay tuned!

Enjoy these last couple May days!