Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday Again: Sorry!

Here's another late Macerata Monday for ya. Sorry that my posts tend to be ONLY about Macerata Monday lately...things have been busy getting back into the daily life of an English teacher. Who knew an English teacher's life was so darn busy?

Over the weekend Corrie was in town--she and her class were in Le Marche for one of their wonderful field trips (they get to go all over the place!) and she stopped over in Macerata for a quick visit, which included a mexican dinner on Saturday night for a group of Antonello and my friends. More about that later--I've got some photos from the event posted over on Flickr too.

Other than the fiesta, there's not much to report. I've started doing my driving lessons around town, so I'd advise most of you to stay off the roads of Macerata on Monday and Wednesday afternoons :). Seriously, it's actually going well so far. Hopefully that continues! I'm looking forward to doing my driver's test and finally being able to DRIVE in ITALY! Wish me luck...

Also, just a quick happy Festa della Donna (International Women's Day) to all of you gals out there--make sure you take some time to celebrate with yellow mimosa flower and a little break in the day tomorrow! I especially wish I could send some mimosa back home to my mom for this festa. Miss you mom, and love you! Have a happy festa della donna! Read about the tradition of Festa della Donna here.

Anyway, back to Macerata Monday (Wednesday):

This is a fellow that Corrie and I spotted outside of one of our favorite Macerata gelaterias the other day. He was probably debating whether or not he wanted to get a gelato before dinner, or maybe he was just contemplating what flavor combination to go with? I chose passion fruit, almond, and raspberry. mmmm!