Saturday, November 05, 2005

Party in Milan

Today, November 5th, is the birthday of Lori, Corrie's and my friend-turned-Milanese (she is studying in Milan this semester, but misses terribly Macerata!). Anyway, Lori always teases me about how much older than I am, so today I can finally say that she is gaining on me! Happy Birthday Lori! Hope that your 15th birthday is filled with happiness and fun! (okay, so she's a LITTLE older than 15, but not much!)

"the wise one"

Friday, November 04, 2005

Long Weekend

I'm rather late on writing about our long weekend in Northern Italy (how romantic-sounding! except for the fact that we slept in a tent!), but I will write soon. In the meantime, I wanted to list some links to pictures of our expatriate get-together at Lake Como last Saturday! The get-together was just the beginning of a memorable weekend, including a caving convention, setting up tents, halloween treats (and tricks?), one hour in beautiful Bergamo, and a broken down car in Bologna (Cyndi, I know you're wondering what that's all about!).

For now, photos from the get-together at Colico, where fall seemed to be in full color in the mountains around:

Cyndi's blog, including pictures of 'the group' and the wonderful chocolate factory.

Lori writes about the GTG and includes photos, even of the gift I got her for her birthday! (happy early birthday, Lori!)

Gia in Torino posted a good number of photos, although she couldn't recall my hsuband's name (it's Antonello, and yes, we believe he is from Montana, not Italy!).

Sara, who brought us ghost lollipops for Halloween, includes photos of them here, and also includes photos of the yummy lunch.

That's it for now! More blogging to come. In the meantime, Corrie and Cassie and I are counting down the days for their arrival--less than two weeks to go!